Journal Articles

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Conference Publications

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Other Significant Presentations and Publications

  • DeKoven, E. (2006). "Participatory Scenario Design and Simulation on the ICF Testbed," 26th Soar Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI, May 24-26.
  • DeKoven, E., and Murphy, A.K.G. (2006) "Adaptive Human-Robot Interface", 6th Annual Intelligent Vehicle Systems Symposium and Exhibition (IVSS06). June 13-16, Traverse City, MI.
  • DeKoven, E. (2005) Off-Topic Recommendations, Beyond Personalization Workshop at IUI'05, San Diego, CA, Jan 9-12, 2005


  • Keyson, D.V., Freudenthal, A., de Hoogh, M.P.A.J. and DeKoven, E.A.M., TUDelft patent, Interface unit, March 30th, 2000, Dutch 1014792, International PCT/NL01/00257.

Honors, Awards and Distinctions

  • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, 1990
  • Cowell College Honors, 1990
  • Honors in Mathematics, 1990
  • National Dean's List, 1987, 1988, 1989
  • Speaker at math education conferences, 1990, 1991
  • Director, Math Awareness Week activities, Santa Cruz County, 1993, 1994
  • Director, Creative Math Day, Santa Cruz, 1994