IUI Research Scientist

Interaction with automation on the battlefield

Participatory design of automation
Soar Technologies, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI
Mar. 2005 - Oct. 2006

Principle investigator on multi-year military research and development project, leading to a multi-agent architecture and test bed for training and concept of operation development delivered to the US Army, as well as numerous talks and publications and renewed research funding. Primary responsibilities included setting research vision, project management, article pubication and architecture design. As the senior HCI scientist and interaction design specialist, my role also included task analysis, wireframe development and usability analysis. Additional duties at Soar Technology included ongoing business development, proposal writing, and publication of scientific articles.

See Interaction with Automation

Design of Collaborative Programmable Appliances

My dissertation

A collaborative programmable thermostat
Intelligence in Products Group
Dept. of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Sept. '99 - June '04

Design investigation into making everyday programmable home consumer products (like thermostats and VCRs) more collaborative. Research was based on participatory design, task modeling, rapid prototyping, and collaborative discourse theory. Technical development used the Collagen (collaborative agent middleware. Design work required requirements gathering, scenario generation, prototyping (Visual Basic, Java and MS Office), user testing and iteration. Results include a new usability metric, a dialogue prototyping platform along with new design methods and tools, and design guidelines for multimodal interface design. Work was done in collaboration with industry, industrial research labs and other universities. The project resulted in an international patent, and numerous publications, culminating in a doctoral dissertation. Duties included developing and leading independent student design projects, and running design colloquia for graduate students.

See Collaborative Design

Picture Programming

A contact manager program

Telecoms Network Management
Picture Programming Group
Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA
March '93 - May '99

As a member of the Picture Programming Group at HP Labs, I was responsible for design and development of visual programming languages, using programming by example techniques. Extensive prototyping in Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications. Domains included office automation, hospital patient information, and telephone network management. Technology developed in the project became the basis for Exemplary Software business-to-business e-commerce services.

See Picture Programming

Creative Math Festival

My Creative Math Festival
Director, Creative Math Festival
Santa Cruz County, CA

Orchestrated a large event to celebrate Mathematics Awareness Week in 1992. The event was partially funded by a grant from the Santa Cruz County Council for the Arts, and made possible through collaboration between Dale Seymour Publications, the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Math Dance Ensemble, and numerous local mathematicians, artists, educators, and students.

See Creative Math

Math Education

Math Education Research, Teaching, Tutoring, and Advocacy
Sept. 1986 - 1993

One good math teacher can make a huge difference. Through various math advocacy, instructional design, teaching, tutoring, and instructional assistant roles, I have striven to be a good teacher, as well as to help others teach better.

See Math Education